Media And Entertainment

Today every OTT provider’s main target is to crave the limelight with their platform. ZINGO TV’s motto is to entertain the audience with a wide variety of entertainment offerings that include the best popcorn movies from any place and any device.

Our platform accommodates multiple shows, movie trailers that are into various genres. With detailed information on cast and crew with multiple language options, we stand second to none in the OTT platform business.

Pages Visible

We build movies, trailers, tv shows, and cast pages accordingly. Build the promos of your tv shows telecasted in the app to attract viewers. Filters and browse fields help for easy searching by categories like casting name, movie titles, and languages.

Easy Managment

Allows activities like uploading, encoding the data, stores data of your content which are performed on the cloud basis helps in accessing data wherever you reside on the globe. The main advantage is the offline accessibility of your app.

Multi Lingual

Unique captions suitable for your diversified content are designed Multiple languages can be added at any time. Supports native languages which help in increasing viewership. Supports and executes different character sets and fonts you opt for.

Content Management

Executes content analytics to know the status of the audience interests and ratings over the telecasted tv shows and movies. Supports content editing manually and automatically performed anytime. Marketing your subscription products using promos is encouraged.

Branding Customization

Allows adaptability in content design, logo designing, color patterns implemented with customized artwork by professionals which attracts more viewers.

Revenue Generation

Designs and implements the latest models like premium, VOD, hybrid programs. Customize your published content whenever you desire.

Vigorous social media publishings are executed to reach the maximum target audience. Transform your app appearance or look in real-time.