Lifestyle And Fitness

Guide your users to change their routine and boring lifestyle by implementing the latest lifestyle concepts through online classes hired through a tough filtering process. Delivers both live and on-demand classes virtually.

Designed with multiple filters which makes users job easy to search for their favorite classes Conducts live classes for users with their favorite instructor as we provide instructor details like their experience and others.

Provides guidelines for users to reach their goals such as how to use body metric tools and guides in reaching their milestones.

Fitness Class

Conducts fitness classes in live or on-demand videos published in the app Designed to help in sharing of class schedules, sharing live chat, food instructions, and other guidelines that ought to be shared.

Provides access to our portal so that you can easily upload, encode and monitor the content published.

Personal Attention

Every individual using this app is attended personally Sends alerts and notifications regarding the class details to the students The filtering process implemented in the app helps every individual to search for their favorite instructor and category they wish for Additional activities attained using the app like student recognition done through rewards, gifts, and badges.


We design apps that maintain software compatibility with users’ favorite devices used to measure performance and track records while during workouts.

Easy Customization

Designs customized filters for easy browsing Instructors are allowed to access their content, upload, monitor, and encode their publishing Easily reaches any device, anywhere.

Profit Streamings

We guide you in classifying the content published in the apps based on your choice Categorize content into business models like promotional content, free content, sponsor supported, and content included in the subscription plans.

Well Organised

A well-designed app where each schedule is well organized and published Guidelines for marketing your content is provided over social media Instructors can access their content and add more enhancements helpful for users.


We guide you on a deep level which helps you to learn the priorities of the students regarding their interests We guide in the hiring process of instructors, profit earning, content changes, marketing strategies in the apps.